Chris Comstock, Chris Ward, Meaghan, Bryce, and I spoke at Real Life on Thursday. After another pretty crazy week I didn’t really have a lot of time to prepare for my talk, but I knew what I was going to talk about- Bible studies. When the others were talking I wrote down some thoughts I had on Post-It notes and put those inside of my little new-testament that I read from during my talk. Then, when I got up to actually speak I ended up not looking at my notes once. I was really excited to see the Spirit work through my extemporaneous speech. How do I know He worked through it? Many people came up to me after to tell me how much they were affected by my talk. Above is an encouraging text I got from Chasen. What a night!

  1. effortlessruminations said: when I first heard you speak during summer real life, i knew God had gifted you with a talent to speak to large crowds. He really wants you to tell the story of His son and you,his precious daughter. je t’aime ma belle.
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Adventures II

Adventures II Dee.
Sweet D.
Big D.
D Money.
(that's me)



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